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In-Home Childcare for L.A./ Orange

Childcare providers are trained in 

Covid-19 avoidance


Covid prepared




Announced by the Mayor of Long Beach on March 31, 2020, CalFLEXI is a collaboration of public agencies and non-profits. We believe the city’s childcare professionals can be a valuable resource for our region during the emergency.




Interested in registering as a childcare worker? We don't want to waste anyone's time so have closed registration for now.


Hundreds of qualified professionals registered after the Mayor's announcement. They are being pre-vetted and trained at this time. We will re-open registration as patterns of demand become clear.

Summer Rates!

Bookings up to 9 hours in any one day.

Bookings over 9 hours in any one day incur additional overtime charges.

Our childcare providers are not authorized to work more than 13 hours in a day


1.  Decide the amount you would like in your CalFLEXI account for in-home childcare

2.  Make the payment - payments are added toCalFLEXI accounts daily between 7am-9pm

3.  Book in-home child care services

4.  Reload your account at any time.

OPTIONAL: Preload a CalFLEXI account with PayPal

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find regular providers for my child(ren)?

Absolutely. You can give each provider one to five stars on the online timesheet for each booking. Those ratings are not published. They can simply be your opinion of the person. The system ensures your favorite providers appear at the top of your list whene they are available. 

What sort of activities can I expect providers to engage in with my child(ren)?

Art, non-contact games, supervising study, reading and other child appropriate activities. Please read the available providers' profiles to determine the match between the provider and your child(ren). 

Activities such as getting into a pool or on a trampoline are strictly prohibited.


Prior authorization from Skills4Care is required for activities outside the home or requiring the provider to transport your child(ren). 

Why do I have to prepay?

For your own security during this time, Skills4Care will not exchange or store personal credit card information. Any unused funds will be refunded. Processing for refunds will begin upon request should you decide not to utilize the CalFLEXI program. 

What shifts do the providers work?

CalFLEXI in-home child care providers enter their availability onto the platform. When you book your child care, you can see how many providers are available for the hours you need assistance.


Although there is not a minimum number of hours per booking, providers are more likely to accept bookings that are 3+ hours in length. A single provider cannot work more than 13 hours in a work day. If you need assistance for more than 13 hours in a work day, you will need to book 2 different providers.  

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