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In-Home Childcare 


Childcare providers are trained in 

Covid-19 avoidance


Supporting the hourly labor market

The CalFLEXI program offers local, pre-vetted, Covid-19 instructed, qualified providers for your in-home child care needs. 


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Child Care Provider

Qualified child care for parents and families who need supervision for their children while away or unable to attend to them at home.

Education Support Provider

In-home support for youth enrolled in online schooling or distance education to be successful managing virtual classes and school work from home.


1.  Register as a A representative from Skills4Care will contact you to answer any questions you might have and help you get started.

2.  Once you are ready to book a child care provider, load your CalFLEXI account through PayPal. 


Registration Process

3.  Reload your account at any time.

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