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Additional possibilities

CalFLEXI aims to bring new levels of control, supervision and progression to hourly labor markets.


We are working to integrate public employment services. Special rates can be extended to employers willing to fund or subsidize childcare for essential workers. We can also support philanthropies wanting to enable childcare for targeted households.


As you get familiar with CalFLEXI, you might want to:

  • Add users. Maybe other family members could make arrangements for your children on your account? They will be able to make bookings with the system recording who authorized what at every stage.

  • Add locations. Perhaps your children spend time with another parent or family member? Once those are in the system, bookings can be made for any of them.

  • Request additional accounts. You may want to book against different accounts, for example time which can be charged to an employer because you have important video appointments and need the children cared for in another room and time funded personally for shopping trips.

If your child has special needs please get in touch. We can create a specific set of requirements for providers and identify those who match. That gives you a pool of specially selected, prepared, individuals who can be booked as needed.

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