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How it works

Following the Mayor’s announcement, we had hundreds of qualified childcarers registering with CalFLEXI. They are being vetted and trained in Covid-19 readiness then approved to work. Families or other clients can book them exactly as needed.

Each provider (worker) has their certification and experience checked by staff at Skills4Care. That’s the non-profit established by Long Beach based Cambrian Homecare to increase education and standards in the wider homecare workforce.

Once approved, each provider decides the hours they want to work; today, tomorrow or weeks ahead. They build a profile about their interests. Parents may want to seek out individuals with expertise relevant to their children. We expect families to identify a small number of providers they particularly like and book those individuals repeatedly. 



Making a booking

To start using CalFLEXI, register on the Home page of this site. Be sure to enter a phone number so a member of the team can call to verify details. Prepayment can be made and then spent as needed through CalFLEXI.

Once you are approved, log in at (this site). Click the MAKE A BOOKING button on your homescreen. You will see a page asking for details of your requirement. We then show you how many providers are available for that specific need each hour. We can do it for the next ten weeks.


Click and drag to define the hours you want. They turn green. We then show all the providers available for those specific times. Click on any photo to see a profile of the person.


As you make bookings you can rate providers that work for you. That ranking is personal to your household, It’s just a record of how well your family responded to each person. We recognize these are subjective judgements so they’re not published anywhere and not used to downgrade workers in any way.

Select the provider(s) you want and then click DONE.


The system now asks for Reporting Instructions. You can save a set of these. They’re notes to help the worker find you and check-in with you before the booking. (For example, they may ring before leaving home to confirm they are free of any flu-like symptoms and check your children are the same.)


You will be asked to re-enter your password to confirm you are taking responsibility for making this booking. Click the BOOK button and the system contacts your chosen worker(s) through SMS messaging, App notifications, or email; whichever they prefer.

You now land on a page that tracks your booking. 


The provider will have been given a time by which they must confirm. This is calculated to be sure there is time to find an alternative if they don’t. The system can keep you posted by email as your worker(s) respond. Or you can keep an eye on this screen.

When a provider confirms, CalFLEXI generates an online timesheet populated with the hours booked. Extra hours can be added. Expenses may be permitted. You can give the person from one to five stars on the timesheet. The higher the number, the further up the list they will appear next time members of your household book.

Your can approve the timesheet on-screen to show the work has been done. But the provider may use CalFLEXI’s EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) functionality provided by Cambrian Homecare. That uses their phone to establish they were at your location for a specified time. Their data is entered in the timesheet automatically and you don’t need to approve it.

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